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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ara Mina hot videos

Ara Mina is an actress, model and singer from the Philippines. Ara Mina is her screen name , she was born Hazel Klenk Pascual Reyes. The actress was the recipient of the 2004 for Golden Screen Award in a drama. She has starred in several television shows including Bubble Gang, Totoy Bato and Family Zoo. Her most recent role is in the GMA network television show ,Ilumina.

Mina's half sister , Christina Reyes , is an actress with the ABS-CBN network. Her father is a former congressman for Quezon City. His name is Chuck Mathay. The actress was involved in a scandal in 2005, when a sex tape was released of her. The tape was widely distributed, but did not affect her overall popularity.

Mina got her start in 1986 on the television show "That's Entertainment". She made her appearance on the show using her given name and had not yet taken her stage name. The actress very quickly gained roles in several films

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